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I strive to make collectable art beads.  

Each bead has it's own two are ever exactly the same.

My beads are not mass produced.

All of my animal beads are freehand molds, painting, or machines are used in the aid of creating them.

Every bead is created one by one in the flame of my torch.   

I use a variety of soft glass to make my beads...Moretti/Effetre, Vetrofond, CiM, Lauscha, Tag, Glass Works, and ASK. Pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

All beads enter a preheated digital controlled kiln the moment they leave the flame. They are properly annealed and cleaned. Every bead is signed by me with my Beastie Bead initials "BB".

A little piece of my own heart goes into each beady as it comes to life in the flame of my torch.

It is my hopes that my creations will bring you many smiles and that you will enjoy my beads as much as I've enjoyed creating them.



All my lampwork Beastie Beads are made right here in the USA, with my own hands, bead by bead in my home studio. I make them...I sell them. I strive to perfect each one of my designs and bring you nothing but quality. Each and every Beastie Bead is properly annealed, cleaned, inspected, and guaranteed against stress cracks/fractures.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority!



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